Procedure Name:
Grade Change Request and Approval

Dr. Susan Paris
Vice President/Chief Academic Officer, Academics and Guided Career Pathway

Admissions, Registration, and Records

Effective Date:
July 2014

Next Review Date:





The grade change request and approval process is as follows:

  1. A student pursuing a grade change should meet with his or her instructor to determine whether an error has occurred, if applicable.
  2. The instructor should complete a grade change request form and provide a detailed reason for the change.
  3. The instructor should submit the grade change request form to the discipline chair or program director for signature and approval.
  4. The discipline chair or program director should submit the grade change request to the department dean for signature and approval.
  5. The department dean will forward the form to Student Information and Records. The dean’s signature on the grade change form constitutes approval.
  6. Student Information and Records will record the grade change and notify the department dean.
  7. The department dean will notify other appropriate parties.

Guidelines for Changing Grades (other than I Grades)

Grades may be changed if an instructor has made a data entry error or miscalculated a final grade. Such a miscalculation may occur due to the inadvertent omission of an assignment, a missed electronic transmission of a grade or assignment, or a mathematical/calculation error.

Grades may not be changed if the instructor is offering a student the opportunity to retest when he or she did not give all students in that class the same opportunity. Grades may not be changed for arbitrary reasons. There must be consistency in the way student grade changes are processed and resolved.

All change of grade requests are to be submitted on change of grade electronic forms for approval by the chief instructional officer. All change of grade requests other than those converting an I grade to a letter grade require written explanations of the reasons for the changes and must be requested within one calendar year after the original grade was assigned.


The purpose of this procedure is to provide the student with a safeguard against receiving an unfair final grade, while respecting the academic responsibility of the instructor.