• Students must be in good academic standing to participate in service-learning (minimum 2.0 GPA; completing 67 percent of courses attempted).
  • Students may participate in only two service-learning projects per semester.
  • Students who have not enrolled in or tested out of DRE 098 may only participate in the Semester of Service option.

Transcript Notation

Students who complete the 10 hours, pass the service-learning assignment, pass the course, and complete the required paperwork by deadlines will receive a transcript distinction similar to the Honors Program transcript notation.

Service-Learning Models at Durham Tech

Option 1: Semester of Service

  • Coordinated by the Student Enrichment department
  • Students select from scheduled on- and off-campus events
  • More than 30 service events each semester

Option 2: Single Class Project

  • Instructor-coordinated
  • Single project
  • Service-Learning director can assist with designing this course-specific project, providing student orientations, and tracking paperwork

Option 3: Multiple Student Projects

  • Student-coordinated
  • Multiple projects
  • Service-Learning director can assist by providing service ideas, providing student orientation, and tracking paperwork

Process for Students

  • Select the service events you will attend from those approved by your instructor: Your instructor will allow you to choose one of these models: the Semester of Service events (Option 1), an instructor-defined service opportunity (Option 2), or a service opportunity that you seek out and set up yourself (Option 3).
  • Sign up for your service: If you are completing Option 1, sign up here. If you are completing Option 2 or 3, sign up by contacting the service organization.
  • Complete and submit the required forms to begin your service. The following must be completed and submitted by the deadline set by your instructor before beginning your service: a) Volunteer Agreement, b) Liability Waiver, c) Placement Agreement (Option 3 only)
  • Complete any training or preservice activities that the organization requires.
  • Serve and track your hours. Show up on time and ready to serve. After each day you serve, track your hours on the timesheet. As you complete your service-learning activities, think critically about how they relate to the course you are taking and its learning objectives.
  • Have the organization sign off on your timesheet for the dates served. If you are completing Option 1, you do not need to have your timesheet signed since you signed in at the service events you attended. We will verify your service by checking our records.
  • Log your hours in the Durham Tech Volunteer Log and then submit your paper timesheet to your instructor.
  • Complete and submit the reflection assignment by the deadline set by your instructor.
  • Complete the evaluation of your service-learning experience. Your responses will be read and used to improve our program.