Career Preparation 

  • Durham Tech Workforce Development (HRD) Courses provide skills assessment, employment skills training, and career development and enhancement. Workforce Development courses are offered in short sessions to equip you with the knowledge, values, and practical skills essential to applying for, keeping, and advancing in your job. The courses are free for qualified participants. Qualified participants are unemployed, have been notified of a lay-off, or are underemployed. Underemployed persons are working part-time and/or are eligible for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit.

  • Career Readiness Certificate: Durham Tech partners with the N.C. Community College System, the Durham and Regional Partnership Workforce Development Boards, and the Durham and Orange County JobLink Centers to offer the North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate (CRC). The Career Readiness Certificate provides existing and potential job candidates with a credential that proves their skill level to enhance employability. This certification allows employers a more efficient way to assess work skills.

  • College Central Network: Register for Durham Tech’s College Central Network, where you can find articles and podcasts with information about:

    • Résumés (including a free résumé builder)

    • Interviewing Tips

    • Social Media and Branding

    • Salary and Cost of Living Data

    • Professionalism in the Workplace