2024-2025 SGA Executive Board Positions

SGA President Joshua Colindres

Joshua Colindres

Student liaison between college administration, faculty, and staff; Serves as the student Board of Trustees member; leads SGA General Body and Executive Board meetings; Student lead of the Student Government Association.
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Vice President
Syderia Alston

Serves as the second student lead of the SGA; Assists with maintaining the volunteer hours completed by student organizations; Serves as student lead for the Journey Student Leadership Program; SGA Parliamentarian.
Public Information Officer Jeremiah Artacho

Public Information Officer
Jeremiah Artacho

Responsible for the communications and marketing materials for the SGA; Serves as the SGA social media coordinator; Creates flyers and graphics for SGA visibility, and programming; Works with the Durham Tech Marketing and Communications Team and the SGA Advisor to make sure that all visuals follow the branding guide of the College.
Social Activities Chair Michael Killen

Social Activities Chair 
Michael Killen

Serves as the student lead for the coordination of all SGA social and academic initiatives, programs, and events.
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Student Concerns Chair 
Amanda Acra

Serves as the student liaison that receives written concerns from the student body regarding their experiences, and potential areas of improvement for the College's student life; brings student concerns to the Executive Board and the Senate so that discussion and appropriate plans of action can be established.
Community Outreach Chair Stephanie Posadas

Community Outreach Chair
Stephanie Posadas

Responsible for serving as the student lead with assisting with the coordination of community service and social action opportunities for students.
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Takes and documents Executive Board and General Body meeting minutes; Responsible for all documents and recordkeeping for SGA business from the students' side.
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Maintains a working knowledge and documentation of the current SGA budget and expenditures; Assists with presenting requests for funding and updates regarding spending for the SGA.