Credit vs. Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education courses are non-credit, which means they don't apply toward a degree or diploma. Upon completion, students do receive a Continuing Education Unit, or CEU, which is widely accepted as a recognized standard of professional development, and might be able to earn further certification based on their chosen plan of study.

Available Continuing Education courses

Continuing Education incorporates several options:

Classes are available at various Durham Tech campuses and online.

Enrolling in Continuing Education classes

  • Students do not have to apply for admission to take a Continuing Education course. You just find the course you are interested in and then follow the registration process for that course. 
  • Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees must be paid before the class starts. Students can choose from various payment methods, including online and by mail. 
  • Financial aid opportunities are available for Continuing Education classes. 

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