Web and Digital Interface Designer

Starting Salary

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Median Annual Wage

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% Some College, No Degree
% Bachelor's degree

Job Outlook

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These professionals develop and test layouts, interfaces, functionality, and navigation menus to ensure compatibility and usability across browsers or devices. They may use web framework applications as well as client-side code and processes, evaluate web design following web and accessibility standards, and may analyze web use metrics and optimize websites for marketability and search engine ranking. They may also design and test interfaces that facilitate the human-computer interaction and maximize the usability of digital devices, websites, and software with a focus on aesthetics and design, or create graphics used in websites and manage website content and links.

The Web Development Associate degree program at Durham Tech prepares students wanting to enter this type of position. Graduates should qualify for employment in entry-level positions with businesses, educational systems, and governmental agencies which rely on computer systems to design and manage information. The program will incorporate the competencies of industry-recognized certification exams.