Policy Name: 
Concurrent Enrollment
Transferred June 2016


Admissions, Registration, and Records

Effective Date: 
April 2010
Next Review Date:
Summer 2019
1D SBCCC 200.95

Policy Statement 

For complete information about enrolling at Durham Tech, please refer to our Admissions policy.


Durham Tech is supportive of concurrent enrollment for high school students. The college encourages interested high school students who have progressed beyond the normal high school curriculum to take college-level courses at Durham Tech. 

Credit Courses

High school students interested in credit courses have the following options:

  • Career and College Promise (CCP)
    Career and College Promise (CCP) provides seamless dual enrollment educational opportunities for eligible North Carolina high school students in order to accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees that lead to college transfer or provide entry-level job skills.
  • Gateway to College
    Gateway to College at Durham Tech Community College is an educational option for Durham Public Schools (DPS) students who have dropped out of high school but have a desire to get back on track and earn a diploma. What makes Gateway to College truly unique is that our students will not only have a second chance to earn a high school diploma, but Gateway participants will also be earning college credits.
  • Middle College High School (MCHS)
    MCHS at Durham Tech is a Durham Public Schools high school for juniors and seniors. Located on Durham Tech's main campus, MCHS consists of students from three school districts: Durham Public Schools, Orange County Schools, and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. Students apply for admission to MCHS, and once accepted, take both community college courses and honors level high school courses.
  • City of Medicine Academy (CMA)
    The City of Medicine Academy is designed for highly motivated Durham high school students who are ready to undertake serious academic work and career-related internships. We provide a four-year health career curriculum for students interested in pursuing health care careers. It is expected that these students will be able to enter college with advanced credits and earn industry standard certification.

Non-credit Courses

To be eligible for dual enrollment in a non-credit college course(s), students must be:

  • At least 16 years old by the start date of the Durham Tech course for which they will enroll;
  • Making satisfactory progress toward high school graduation; and
  • Enrolled in high school for at least the equivalent to half of a full-time schedule. Students attending high school on a block schedule must be enrolled in at least two high school classes.

Tuition and fees are not exempt for noncredit or self-support courses. High school students are responsible for book costs and/or other supplies for all courses.