Child Care Assistance

Durham Tech is partnering with Kate’s Korner Education Services to offer free part-time child care and after-school care on Main Campus. Kate's Korner also offers care during track-out and teacher workdays.

Part-time child care is free to the children/grandchildren of currently enrolled Durham Tech students. This service is strictly for children ages 3-12. Children must be fully potty-trained (i.e. not wearing Pull-Ups). School-aged children will also benefit from tutoring and homework help during after school care.

Durham Tech employees may also utilize child care services (subject to availability, with a priority for students). An hourly rate of $12.50 will apply for the children of employees.

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Key Details

  • Free to the children/grandchildren of students currently taking classes at Durham Tech.
  • Strictly for children ages 3-12. Children must be fully potty-trained (i.e. not wearing Pull-Ups)
  • Registration is required in advance of dropping off your child. Register now so you’re not delayed when you need to use it.
  • Open Monday-Friday:
    • Morning block: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
    • Afternoon block: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Note: As a drop-in center, this service cannot provide all day child care. Children can attend up to five days per week, but can only attend for one time block per day (morning or afternoon). (Exceptions for teacher workdays and track-out care)
  • As a drop-in center, this center cannot accept county child care vouchers. If you have a child care voucher and are in need of assistance finding a center to accept your voucher, contact Child Care Referral Central at 855-327-5933.
  • If your child is between the ages of 3-5 years old and has not yet been to kindergarten, you must provide shot records per the NC Childcare Licensing rules prior to the first day of attendance. If your child has an exemption, documentation of that exemption will need to be provided.

Contact or 919-523-8455 with any questions.
Whether you need child care five days a week, just one day a week, for a few hours a day to study and complete online classes, or for other support, sign up now.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m only taking online classes this semester. Can I still use this service? 

Yes. No matter what kind of class you are enrolled in, you may use this free service.

I only need back-up care for days when my child’s school is closed. How does this work?

Register now so that whenever you want to use the service, you are all set up and ready to go. Then, when you know the dates/times you need care, email to reserve your spots.

I am interested in after school care, but would need transportation. Is this available?

While Kate’s Korner does not provide child transportation directly, if your child’s bus can drop off on Main Campus, we can coordinate with you to receive your child via bus. Contact your child’s school to request alternative transportation destinations and see if this address is possible in your district.

My child is not yet 3 years old. Can they use this service?

Unfortunately, Kate’s Korner cannot provide care for children under age 3 at this time. The current facility is not sufficient for the diapering and other needs for children under 3.

What are your COVID safety protocols?

Daily health screenings will be conducted at sign in for both staff and students. A series of questions are asked and a temperature check is conducted. Masks must be worn at all times in the space by children, parents, and staff. 

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Other Assistance

Child Care Grant

Durham Tech offers a limited number of Child Care Grants (formerly called the Single Parent Program) to assist student parents in earning their degree, diploma, or certificate by subsidizing some of their child care expenses. Students awarded the Child Care Grant choose their child care provider and the providers are paid directly each month.

Child Care Resources

Durham Tech is collaborating with Child Care Services Association (CCSA), a local nonprofit organization, in order to support student parents in their child care search. For support finding child care for young or school-aged children, you can:

You and your family may qualify for child care subsidies, vouchers, or free child care programs. Some options in our community include:

  • Child Care Subsidy/Voucher through County Departments of Social Services: You may be eligible to receive child care assistance through your local county’s child care vouchers. Learn more about how to qualify and identify your county contact.
  • Head Start and Early Head Start: Eligible families receive free child care and a variety of services to meet the medical, dental, nutritional, and mental health needs of their children. Families can choose between child care offered in a day care setting or home-based options offering weekly visits from a provider to support you and your child’s development. Call Child Care Referral Central at 855-EARLY-ED (855-327-5933) with questions about how to apply in your county.
  • NC Pre-K: NC Pre-K provides free or sliding scale Pre-K programs in every county in NC. Pre-K is for children who will be 4 by August 31 of that school year. For more information about NC Pre-K in Alamance, Caswell, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Orange, Person, Vance, or Wake County, call Child Care Referral Central at 855-EARLY-ED (855-327-5933)
  • Child Care Services Association Scholarship Funds: CCSA administers a child care scholarship program for families in Durham and Orange Counties. For more information and to apply, call Child Care Referral Central at 855-EARLY-ED (855-327-5933)
  • Childcare Assistance for Military Families

Also see The Child Care Services Association (CCSA) list of resources about how to pay for child care.