Support for Students with Children

When a student parent graduates, their whole family graduates with them. The Durham Tech community is here to support you in reaching your academic and professional goals while you are also doing the daily work of supporting your family. Learn more here about college and community resources to help you succeed.

Student Parent Success Network

Community of support and resources to help you and your family realize your goals.

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Pregnancy Support

Learn about support and accommodations for students during pregnancy and following childbirth.

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Child Care Assistance

College and community resources to assist with child care.

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Family Resources

Services available through Durham Tech and our community partners.

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The Student Parent Success Network was my lifeline. The nursing program was very stressful so it was a place that I could just vent out and be myself in a non-judgmental environment. I was with people with similar backgrounds and challenges so it made it easier to talk about my problems. I found friends, we shared resources, and it was really a lifeline to me in my nursing career. I understand students need to work hard and focus, but they need to remember to breathe and find extracurriculars they're passionate about to get involved in. I was passionate about being a student and being a parent.

— Mwaba Barcelos, 2021 Graduate of ADN Program