Student Parent Success Network

Open to all parenting students (mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts/uncles, big siblings, and all others who identify as parenting while in college!) 

Join the Student Parent Success Network to connect with a community of support as you and your family realize your goals. Peer leaders in the Student Parent Success Network will help you connect with resources to support your family, including assistance accessing child care, financial resources, and lots more. Plus, we also offer weekly pickups of items for kids – like diapers, wipes, baby food, kids books, and kids activity bags.

To be a part of this network where I can be among a community of parents who are also students – and to hear their experiences, and lean on them, and they can lean on me, and we can help one another with different strategies to get through this time – this has been very beneficial to me. It’s not just a community of other students who are parents. They also provide lots of resources and tools to help you maneuver through this difficult time.

— Charmaine Grafton, SGA President 2020-2021 and founding member of the network

Join the Student Parent Success Network to:

  • Connect with a community of parenting students for encouragement and peer support.
  • Access resources to support your family’s wellbeing both during and beyond your time in college.
  • Participate in virtual group meetings with your fellow student parents to vent, share strategies, and support each other.
  • Stay in the loop about parent-specific resources on campus and in the community.
  • Hear about fun activities for student parents and families at Durham Tech.

Contact Iesha Cleveland at for more information.