Films on Demand New Titles: U.S. Elections, Chernobyl and Other Topics

Submitted by Durham Tech Library on
Through NC LIVE the Durham Tech library offers Films on Demand, which is a collection of almost 30,000 award winning documentaries, interviews, instructional and vocational training videos, historical speeches and newsreels. This collection of video resources is updated regularly. September brought 164 new titles, many of which cover U.S. elections. Other topics in the September additions include energy and the environment, terrorism, human rights, medicine, space exploration and numerous other topics.
When you watch videos on Films on Demand, it is easy to jump to a specific part of the video by choosing a segment of the video or reading the transcript. Films on Demand also generates automatic citations in MLA 8th edition (but not APA!) format. When you rely on a citation generator, ALWAYS double-check your work! Whether you are an instructor looking for multimedia resources to spice up your syllabus, or you are a student who needs an interview for your research paper, check out Films on Demand today!