Inauguration Day: Learning about Our Presidency & Government

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Today is Inauguration Day, as designated by the 20th Amendment of the US Constitution

Presidential Inauguration Day - Preparation - Capitol Building Wikimedia Commons

Want to learn more about the history and events that typically take place at Inauguration? Discovery Kids has a wonderful overview on what happens on Inauguration Day. (Look, I know it says "kids," but it's really informative!)

Inauguration speeches have been tradition since the very first Inauguration of George Washington. Want to read previous president's Inaugural Addresses? Check out Yale's Avalon Project for transcripts of Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Want to learn more about American history, the Presidency, and transitions of presidental power? Check out some of the books and ebooks available through the Durham Tech Library.

Need to put a hold on a book from the Durham Tech Library? Check out our blog post on how to reserve books in our catalog or just reach out to your Durham Tech Librarians.