Library adds reading device to assist people with visual impairments!

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[caption id="attachment_582" align="aligncenter" width="426" class=" "]A hand reaches towards a computer monitor. The text says, "MagniLink Vision TTS reads your text aloud. Listen to your magazine - on any printed text. MagniLink Vision TTS. Press to listen to text!" With a touchscreen as well as textured buttons, the MagniLink Vision TTS assists readers who have visual impairments.[/caption] The library installed a modular video magnifier--the MagniLink Vision TTS reader--which enhances or enables reading of printed books for people with a range of visual impairments. Features of the MagniLink Vision TTS include text-to-speech, adjustable zoom and a variety of background and text contrast modes. To use the reader, simply open the book or magazine to the desired page and place it on the moveable tray. Turn the reader on. By touching the screen, you can have the reader read the text aloud from the page, in one of three American English voices or two Spanish voices. (Note: this is not a translating device, but it can read Spanish- or English-language text.) It is easy to learn how to use this tool. If you'd like to use it, please visit the circulation/reference desk at the main campus library in the ERC and ask a librarian for assistance.