Read: Learning More about Race in America

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So far, we've watched, listened, and learned more about civic engagement. If you're looking for reading resources to help you learn about and engage in meaningful positive change related to race in America, the Durham Tech Library has curated a book list containing history, self-assessment, action and engagement advice, art, film, data science, travel, personal stories, and social science, just to name a few. 

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For a short description for each book, a catalog link for books available at the Durham Tech Library (available after we reopen), and a link to a detailed Goodreads description, check out the PDF version of this list. 

For broader historical perspectives: 

For resources to self-assess and move forward: 

For resources to share with those just getting started at any age: 

For books of essays about race and related topics: 

For biographies and memoirs: 

For related social science topics: 

For a very (very) small selection of current events and lesser-known histories: 

A reading list is helpful, but how can it lead to meaningful societal change? Dr. Nicole Cook, the University of South Carolina librarian who created Anti-Racism Resources for All Ages (a page of multimedia resources, including interviews, articles, and lists), suggests three main steps

  • critical self-reflection, which involves identifying our biases, listening, and working towards becoming culturally competent
  • critical consciousness, which involves examining the systems around us and looking at the biases and prejudices within them
  • action and advocacy, which involves taking what you've learned and applying it to the areas you are involved in-- work, school, you family, you community, through volunteering or voting or donating or personal behavioral changes-- it can be big, but small continued actions can make a difference. 

Additional Resource Lists: 

Watch your email for future announcements about campus-wide reading groups around these topics. 

Note: There are many other lists available all around the internet on this topic. We've focused on more current books and books with recent revisions. There are many (many!) wonderful works of anti-racist and social justice literature not on this list.