About Us

Organizational Development and Learning (ODL) was started as an initiative to intentionally put the needs of employees first by creating a culture of learning and community. The work of culture improvement will result from intentional activities focused on advancing the strategic direction of the college, that encourages learning and improved well - being of individuals working at Durham Tech. It is our hope that employees will choose Durham Tech first because we create and sustain a great college working environment.

We recognize the value of all employees in their growth and advancement at Durham Tech.To create pathways to institutional excellence by providing innovative opportunities for professional development and advancement of all employees by continuously evaluating our context to stay relevant, agile, and flexible.
The goal of ODL is to build a Durham Tech-specific ecosystem for learning. The idea of an ecosystem where everything is interconnected is important since it recognizes everything is connected in the organizations and initiatives cannot take place in isolation.
  1. Create flexible and accessible professional development opportunities.
  2. Foster a culture of continuous and valued learning.
  3. Build the Durham Tech community.
  4. Foster a culture of valuing personal growth and learning.
  5. Use evidence-based decision-making regarding learning initiatives within Durham Tech. 


Activities of ODL

Activities include program development, performance needs analysis, policy development, credentialing and recognition, and community building

Strategic Priorities

Pathways to Institutional Excellence

Provide pathways to institutional excellence by investing in the construction of creative teaching/learning environments, student-centered spaces that promote innovation and learning, partnering with industry to provide state-of-the-art facilities needed to prepare a highly skilled workforce, investing and implementing technologies appropriate for the future of work, and recruiting and developing talent (employee) that provides opportunity for growth and advancement within the college.


  • Promote employee excellence and retention by investing in our full-time and part-time employees, ensuring that all employees are supported as they exceed expectations identified within the College’s Core Values.
  • Assess and implement additional organization changes needed to better align one-college and guided career pathway needs.

Durham Tech Learning Competencies

Durham Tech's Core Competencies, which include Excellence Seeking, Learner-focused, Champion for Equity, Data-Inspired, Effective Communicator, Good Steward of Resources, and Collaborator.

The Center for Learning Excellence

Since Spring 1998, the Teaching-Learning Center (TLC) at Durham Tech has offered countless professional development activities for the college’s faculty and instructional staff. Over the years the focus of the TLC changed to support the professional development needs of all employees of Durham Tech. In alignment of this new goal the TLC has been renamed the Center for Learning Excellence.

The Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) serves as the center for the work of the Organizational Development and Learning Department at Durham Tech. This space provides online, hybrid and in- person experiences to users

Suggestion Box

Please feel free to provide suggestions for how we can improve what we offer at ODL.