If you want to take a credit (curriculum) online course, please read all of the information on this page carefully.

If you want to take a noncredit (Continuing Education) course online, view the course registration procedures.

Credit (Curriculum) Online Course Registration

Students taking online classes have a greater responsibility for their own success than students in traditional classroom settings. Follow these steps below to prepare for online learning:

admissions-step-1.gifDo your research. Make sure that you understand how online courses work and that you have the skills to succeed in an online learning environment.

admissions-step-2.gifCheck your equipment. Make sure you have the computer access needed for an online course. Read What You Need to Succeed for taking an online course.

admissions-step-3.gifGet Enrolled, Get Registered, and Pay. The registration process for online courses is the same as for any other credit course: you meet with an advisor, then register, and pay.

Like all credit courses, credit online courses are open to students who have completed Durham Tech’s admissions/enrollment process and who have met course prerequisites. Learn more about advising and registration options for the upcoming semester.

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admissions-step-4.gifActivate your ConnectMail Account. Durham Tech provides all students with an email account, called "ConnectMail." Students are required to use their ConnectMail accounts for their online classes. Be sure to activate your ConnectMail account and begin checking it so you don't miss important messages from your instructor or from the college.

admissions-step-5.gifComplete Your Course Orientation. For most online courses, you MUST complete a course-specific orientation. Course orientations are handled differently for different courses, and each course orientation explains in detail how that particular course works. For some online classes, you must attend a synchronous, online orientation meeting. For other online classes, you must complete an online orientation assignment. Once you complete the orientation, you will be able to start the online course.