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Business and Entrepreneurship (Non-credit)

Short Term

Business courses are designed to introduce students to the various aspects of the free enterprise system. Students will be provided with a fundamental knowledge of business functions, processes, and an understanding of business organizations in today’s global economy. Courses include various business concepts such as accounting, business law, management, customer service, and marketing.

Entrepreneurship courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and the skills necessary for employment and growth as self-employed business owners. The coursework includes developing a student’s ability to make informed decisions as future business owners. Courses include entrepreneurial concepts learned through innovation and creativity, business funding, and marketing.

Through these skills, students will have a sound education base in business and entrepreneurship for lifelong learning. Students who complete the business coursework are prepared for employment or advancement opportunities in government agencies, financial institutions, and small to large businesses or industries. Students who complete the entrepreneurship coursework are prepared to be self-employed and open their own businesses.

This course qualifies for financial assistance.

MLS-3230D Business Idea Opportunities

Business ideas are the starting point for developing a business. A key for successful business development and expansion is to start with a business idea, then discover the opportunities available. Students will be led by an instructor through the opportunity discovery process by using their business ideas to find available business opportunities they would like to seize for their businesses. Students may continue to learn more about developing a business by taking the "Building Your Business Models" course.
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This course has already started or is not being offered this term.

MLS-3230E Building Your Business Models

Now that you have discovered available business opportunities in the "Business Idea Opportunities" course, it is now time for another key to a successful business - business modeling. Students will be led by an instructor through the business modeling process to develop how they will be able to seize the opportunities within their businesses. The business model will assist with pitching, proposals, business/strategic plans, marketing, and operations. While it is recommended that the "Business Idea Opportunities" course be taken prior to "Building Your Business Models," it is not required.
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5/15 - 6/12
5/15 - 6/18
M 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
6/26 - 7/24
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