Project Talk (Teamwork, Acceptance, Language, Knowledge)

Project Talk brings international and local students together to interact in a casual and social environment.

Project Talk meets the criteria required by the Global Distinction Program for partial fulfillment of the hours required for intercultural experiences. 

Talk. Socialize. Meet new people. Free coffee, tea, and snacks!

Spring 2024 Schedule

All Spring events are held at 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. in Wynn (Building 10), Multi-Purpose Room unless otherwise noted.

Small Talk – Travel and More

Wednesday, January 31
Join us for lively small group discussions about travel or your chosen topic! Meet and greet your peers, and ask them about their favorite destination, sport, or food.

We Are the World!

Thursday, February 29
We are making a Museum of Culture! You are welcome to bring something important to you from your world and tell us about it - clothes, food, handicrafts, portraits, books, manuscripts, or anything else that represents your culture and traditions.  

Short Films 

Wednesday, March 20
Watch short films with us. We’ll have friendly discussions based on the movie. Popcorn included!

Students' Success Stories

Tuesday, April 9
Come and meet some of our most successful students (past & present). Ask them questions and hear their stories to feel motivated for your end-of-semester tasks. 

students from various countries with some dressed in native costume