English Language Programs

English as a Second Language (ESL) offers free, non-credit classes in English to non-native speakers at several locations in Durham and Orange counties.

Beyond Basic ESL offers non-credit core classes in Reading/Writing, Listening/Speaking, and Grammar, to teach the fundamentals of US English to internationals who wish to improve their English skills.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a program designed to help students improve their skills in U.S. Academic English. Students entering this program already have the basics of English (or speak another variety of English), but need to improve their skills as it relates to college-level reading, writing, research, grammar, listening, and speaking. Students receive academic credit for these curriculum-based courses.

English for the Workplace offers courses designed to refine English Language skills of non-native speakers of English while also developing soft skill sets and new ways of thinking. Students enhance job skills that are necessary to become successful members of the workforce.

English Language and Culture Immersion such as the Toyoma and Au Pair programs bring students from our partners in other countries to Durham Tech so they may study English and learn our culture in an authentic environment.