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English for the Workplace

Short Term

Durham Tech offers courses designed to refine English Language skills of non-native speakers of English while also developing soft skill sets and new ways of thinking. Students enhance job skills that are necessary to become successful members of the workforce.

Courses starting on July 1 or later will be open for registration on July 1. Students planning to register for courses with prerequisites should contact the program director to learn how to submit them ahead of time.

SEF-CEWP English for the 21st Century Workplace

The dynamic technological advancement, globalization and fast-paced environment have significantly changed the 21st century workplace, presenting new challenges for the workforce. Although developing English language skills of non-native speakers of English is central to effective communication, language development is also imperative to expand employees' soft skill-sets and new ways of thinking to promote success and advancement within the working environment. This eight-module course fully integrates English language skills, such as reading, writing, speaking and listening with the content focused on 21st century job skills. There are eight thematic modules: communication and social skills, critical thinking, decision making and problem solving, collaboration and team work, information and media literacy, creativity and innovation, productivity, technology and internet etiquette, and leadership. Besides the content focus, each module introduces, develops and reinforces English language skills so that the participants can increase their efficiency at work and can become competitive in a changing job market.
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