Financial Aid for Non-credit (Continuing Education)

The following financial aid opportunities are available for students pursuing Non-credit (Continuing Education) courses:

ConnectFund Grants – These grants are funded by the Durham Sales and Use Tax and are designed to assist individuals who need further education, career training, or retraining. Now accepting applications. View the list of eligible programs.

Durham Tech Promise – These grants are available to students who enroll in an eligible program within a year after completing a high school diploma or high school equivalency. Students must apply at the time of registration.

Finish Line Grant Program – The program helps students complete their education when facing unforeseen challenges. In partnership with the Durham Workforce Development Board, Durham Tech offers access to these funds for students who have completed at least 50 percent of their noncredit program and are in good academic standing. 

Food and Nutrition Services Training Program – The program is in collaboration with Orange County Department of Social Services and provides education and training opportunities along with job search strategies that lead to sustainable employment.

Golden LEAF Scholarship – Have you ever lived in one of these counties? You may be eligible for a $250 Golden LEAF scholarship to use at Durham Tech! Email Patricia Johnson for more information.

Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Scholarship (GEER)  – These grants funds are available to students enrolled in Continuing Education (non-credit) courses. The grant provides up to $750 or the cost of the program, whichever is more.

I Have a Dream Award – The I Have a Dream Award is a need-based scholarship offered to one curriculum and one continuing education student. Read more about the selection criteria and how to apply. 

Project Skilling Up – A program funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission for people or family members who have been adversely affected by changes and the downturn in the tobacco industry over the past 20 years. Now accepting applications.

SECU Bridge to Career Program – The program was designed as a workforce education program to help remove financial barriers for students seeking to obtain state regulated or industry-recognized credentials.

Short-term Workforce Development (STWD) Grant – This grant is for students enrolled in eligible Continuing Education (non-credit) courses that lead to industry-recognized credentials. The STWD grant funding includes up to $750.00 towards the cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, credentialing tests, transportation, childcare, and other components of the total cost of attendance for eligible courses. 

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