The Leadership Academy equips Durham Tech leaders for the ever-changing world of higher education. 

Leadership Academy badge with 3 stars on it signifying level 3Program Goal

To equip leaders with the necessary skills and competencies to carry- out their core functions and in so doing advance the mission and vision of Durham Technical Community College. This program is aligned with the Durham Tech employee competencies developed for all the ODL professional development courses. 

Learning Objectives

  1. To improve general awareness of their roles as leaders at Durham Tech.
  2. To improve current practices of leaders at Durham Tech.
  3. To build on knowledge related to leadership approaches at Durham Tech.
  4. Build and strengthen skills related to divisional areas.


The structure of the Leadership Academy is based on the Durham Tech’s learning competencies. The first two level are self- paced modules, while Leadership Academy 3: Leaders is a blended approach with several workshops to support the online content. The levels must be completed in sequence. 

Leadership Academy 1: Foundations 

This course provides foundational information necessary for understanding the history and culture of Durham Tech. It introduces participants to key areas that may affect their role at Durham Tech and equips them with some tools that will assist them in being effective employees. 

Leadership Academy 2: Builders

This builds on the foundations course and discusses areas that contribute to the student success agenda. It focuses on the North Carolina Community College System and where Durham Tech fits within that system. Because we are focused on building an understanding of our system the course delves further into the community college budget, data sources and reflects on ways to be change agents in their roles. 

Leadership Academy 3: Leaders

The final in the three-course series the Leaders course aims to move from being builders to actually what is needed to be leaders in the organization. It explores concepts touched on in the two previous courses at a deeper level and rethinks them through the lens of leaders within the organization. 


At the end of each course of the Leadership Academy participants will be awarded a badge which they can share, acknowledging their achievements.