Durham Tech supports all of its employees in their growth and professional development journey. The work of Teaching and Learning supports the College’s vision to be a learning college where everyone is a learner. At Durham Tech, professional development is a collaborative and holistic process. Its success heavily relies on the support of employees and their willingness to share their talents and practice. 

The Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching-Learning Center (TLC) offers countless professional development activities for the College’s faculty and instructional staff. The focus of the TLC has expanded to support the professional development needs of all employees of Durham Tech. The TLC hosts relevant activities to support achievement of the college’s strategic priorities, including but not limited to data-informed decision making, assessment and evaluation, student retention, and equitable and inclusive practices within the organization. TLC room requests can be made here through the TLC Room Request.

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TLC Leadership and Advisory Committee

The TLC leadership and advisory committee operate under the Teaching-Learning Council.

The TLC Advisory Committee helps in the planning and execution of TLC business. The committee provides ideas and feedback to TLC leadership during advisory committee meetings in fall and spring semesters. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, you are welcome to email Marye Vance, vancem@durhamtech.edu.


Teaching and Learning aligns its mission with that of Durham Tech’s ensuring that all employees develop the knowledge, skills and networks needed for successful higher education classrooms and service spaces centered and purposed for student success. We support building community and connectivity across all services, non-credit and curriculum programming.


  • To support the goal of ODL and Durham to become a learning college; 
  • To provide activities and resources that give faculty and staff meaningful opportunities to connect, communicate, and collaborate with one another;
  • To support full-time and part-time faculty and staff at various stages of their careers; and
  • To showcase achievement of outstanding educational initiatives that enhance teaching and learning.

Strategic Priorities

Pathways to Academic Excellence

Provide pathways to academic excellence by defining, aligning, and assessing clear student learning outcomes (within each guided career pathway) that prepare students for work-based learning opportunities, university transfer, and seamless job placement.


  • Identify, implement, and evaluate evidence-based teaching and learning practices in our classrooms, labs, and online learning environments. 

Pathways to Institutional Excellence

Provide pathways to institutional excellence by investing in the construction of creative teaching/learning environments, student-centered spaces that promote innovation and learning, partnering with industry to provide state-of-the-art facilities needed to prepare a highly-skilled workforce, investing and implementing technologies appropriate for the future of work, and recruiting and developing talent (employee) that provides opportunity for growth and advancement within the college.


  • Promote employee excellence and retention by investing in our full-time and part-time employees, ensuring that all employees are supported as they exceed expectations identified within the College’s Core Values.