Keys to success in college courses
  • Personal commitment to expend the effort and time to do excellent work;
  • Regular (if possible perfect) attendance of classes;
  • Budgeted time that includes two hours of outside study for every hour in class;
  • Scheduled meetings with instructors for necessary extra help;
  • A study group with other students for difficult courses; and
  • Attendance of tutoring services.
Durham Tech grading system
Durham Tech uses a 10-point grading system: 100-90 = A; 89-80 = B; 79-70 = C; 69-60 = D; 59 or below = F. Note that in courses that are taken in sequence, such as Spanish 111 and 112 or Chemistry 151 and 152, a grade of at least a C must be earned in order to proceed to the next level in the sequence.
What happens if I make a D or F?
Retake the course. The grades of D or F will not transfer.  A grade of D does count toward graduation; however, a degree including D’s will not be protected by the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. If you retake the course with a grade of C or better, then you are once again protected.
Can a grade of D or F be removed from my record?
If you retake a class, only the higher grade will be used to calculate the grade point average (GPA). However the lower grade remains part of your transcript. You should also be aware that your transfer institution or specific program may use both grades in calculating your GPA.