Policy Name:
Enrollment and/or Graduation from Multiple Programs

Registration Committee (Taskforce)

Admissions, Registration, and Records

Effective Date:
July 2015; December 8, 2017 (revision)

Next Review Date:




Policy Statement

1.1 Admissions


Primary and Secondary Program Admission

Occasionally, a Durham Technical Community College (Durham Tech) student may wish to designate a primary program and a secondary program in which to be enrolled. Common examples of students wishing to be admitted into two programs include the following:

  • Associate in Arts (A10100) and Associate in Science (A10400);
  • Business Administration (A25120) and Accounting (A25100);
  • Associate in Arts Degree (A10100) and Community Spanish Facilitator Certificate (C55370F); and
  • Web Designer Certificate (C25290I) and Data Management Certificate (C45190MC).

Students who wish to add or change a secondary program should complete the following the steps:

  1. Consult with their advisor or visit the Admissions and Advising Services Center in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center (Building 10, room 10-200, Main Campus) or at the Orange County Campus to receive assistance. This must be done prior to completing and submitting the Change of Academic Program form. 
    Information regarding the advisory meeting will be documented in Self-Service. Students expecting to receive financial aid to cover the costs associated with the new program are encouraged to consult with a financial aid advisor to ensure that aid will be available prior to submitting the change of program form.
  2. Complete and submit the Change of Academic Program form. Once the form is processed by Student Information and Records, the student will receive notification of the change, but program changes are not effective until the next academic term (e.g., If students consult with an advisor and submit a change of program form on or after the first day of class, the program change will be effective the following term.).

Students may contact the Student Information and Records office (Wynn Center, Building 10, room 10-201, Main Campus); 919-536-7200, ext. 1801) for assistance.

Graduating from Multiple Programs

  • Graduating with multiple credentials from the same program – Students interested in graduating with multiple certificates or a diploma within a single Associate in Applied Science degree program do not need to be admitted to primary and secondary programs. 
    When a student submits a graduation application, the Student Information and Records office will graduate him or her from all eligible completed credentials within the same program.
  • Graduating with credentials from both a primary and a secondary program – Students should complete a graduation application for each program the semester before he or she hopes to graduate. By completing the application in the semester before graduation, the student gives the College time to complete a graduation audit to ensure that he or she has met all graduation requirements. Students who wish to graduate at the same time from both a primary and secondary program must be sure that they are officially admitted into both programs. Admission must occur prior to the admissions deadline of the semester of graduation. The admissions deadline typically falls during the week prior to the start of the second mini-session.
  • Fees – Please consult the Tuition and Fees section of the website for more information.


Durham Tech strives to ensure that our students are able to graduate with all certificates, diplomas, or degrees that they have completed.