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Early Childhood Education - Transfer Associate Degree

Long Term

The Early Childhood Education curriculum prepares individuals to work with children from birth through eight in diverse learning environments. Students will combine learned theories with practice in actual settings with young children under the supervision of qualified teachers.

Course work includes child growth and development; physical/nutritional needs of children; care and guidance of children; and communication skills with families and children. Students will foster the cognitive/language, physical/motor, social/emotional, and creative development of young children.

Graduates may transfer to a Bachelor's Degree program in Birth-Kindergarten Teacher Licensure, at 12 local universities to prepare them for careers as teachers in NC public school, pre-K, or kindergarten, lead teachers in NC PreK or Durham PreK, Level 3 child care center directors, or opportunities in non-school settings and agencies. View more on the Birth to Kindergarten University Transfer webpage.

Alternatively, graduates may transfer to Bachelor's Degree, Non-Teaching Licensure, Early Childhood Education, or a related program at 8 local universities to prepare them for careers as Level 3 child care center directors or positions in non-school settings and agencies such as CCSA, DCDEE, and United Way.

Early Childhood Higher Education Program - naeyc accreditedThe Early Childhood Associate Degree at Durham Tech is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Early Childhood Higher Education Programs of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, naeyc.org.
The accreditation term runs from July 2016 through July 2023.

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Credit Hours


First-Semester Courses

Course Number Title Credit Hours
ACA-122 College Transfer Success 1
EDU-119 Intro to Early Childhood Education 4
EDU-144 Child Development I 3
EDU-153 Health, Safety and Nutrition 3
ENG-111 Writing and Inquiry 3

Suggested Paths

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“The Early Childhood Education program will get me further along in life and it’s encouraged me to do more than I originally set out to do. My end goal is to own my own daycare center.”

—Jasmine Cradle