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University Transfer Options

The North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) allows students who complete the Associate in Science degree to transfer to a four-year NC public university as well as the private colleges who signed this agreement.

The Associate in Science (AS)

The Associate in Science (AS) is intended for students who ultimately wish to complete a baccalaureate science degree at a four-year college or university. The AS curriculum courses focus on courses such as biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, mathematics, or physics.

Course Selection Guide

This course selection guide shown below has been developed by referencing the 2014 Baccalaureate Degree plans or the student plans for the Bachelor of Science degrees at the universities listed below. Note that most of these universities also offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biology.

  • NC A&T State University (NC A&T) - BS in Physics
  • NC State University (NCSU) - BS in Physics (NC State also offers a BA)
  • UNC-Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) - BS in Physics (UNC Chapel Hill also offers a BA)
  • UNC-Greensboro (UNC-G) - BS in Physics (UNCG also offers a BA)

Students should print out and save the baccalaureate degree plan (BDP) for their major and intended transfer university.

Printable Physics Course Selection Guide (pdf)

General Education – 45 SHC (“Semester Hours of Credit”)
Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) Courses (34 SHC)

UGETC courses are courses which are guaranteed to fulfill a general education component at every public university in North Carolina and the private colleges that are signatories to the 2015 Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement.

English Composition (6 SHC)
ENG 111 Writing & InquiryENG 111ENG 111ENG 111ENG 111
ENG 112 Writing/Research in the DisciplinesENG 112ENG 112ENG 112ENG 112
Humanities/Fine Arts (H/FA) (6 SHC)

Select two courses from separate disciplines

One course selected from ART 111, 114, 115; COM 231; MUS 110, 112COM 231AnyAnyAny
One course selected from ENG 231, 232, 241, 242; PHI 215, 240AnyAnyAnyAny
Social and Behavioral Sciences (S/BS) (6 SHC)

Select two courses from separate disciplines

One course selected from HIS 111, HIS 112, HIS 131, or HIS 132HIS 111 or 112AnyAnyAny
ECO 251, 252, POL 120; PSY 150, or SOC 210AnyAnyAnyAny
Mathematics (8 SHC)

Select two courses from from MAT 171, 172, 263, 271, 272

First CourseMAT 172MAT 172MAT 172MAT 172
Second CourseMAT 271MAT 271MAT 271MAT 271
Natural Science (8 SHC)
BIO 111 and 112; CHM 151 and 152; PHY 151 and 152 or PHY 251 and PHY 252PHY 251PHY 251PHY 251PHY 251
Second Course in SequencePHY 252PHY 252PHY 252PHY 252
Additional General Education Transfer Hours (11 SHC)
Foreign Language (3 SHC)
Durham Tech Gen Ed RequirementNCA&TNCSUUNCCHUNCG
Foreign Language (3 SHC): Choose from American Sign Language, Arabic, French, German, or Spanish.FL 112FL 112 - required by Durham TechFL 211FL 212

NCSU does not require FL for this major IF two years of FL were successfully completed in high school.

Additional Mathematics/Science Courses (8 SHC)
Durham Tech Gen Ed RequirementNCA&TNCSUUNCCHUNCG
First CourseMAT 272MAT 272MAT 272MAT 272
Second CourseMAT 273MAT 273MAT 273MAT 273
Other Required Hours (15 SHC)
College Transfer Success Course (1 SHC)
Durham Tech RequirementNCA&TNCSUUNCCHUNCG
ACA 122 (This course should be taken in the student’s first semester.)ACA 122ACA 122ACA 122ACA 122
Foreign Language (4-8 SHC)
Durham Tech RequirementNCA&TNCSUUNCCHUNCG
FL 111/181, 112/182– (4-8 SHC)As NeededAs NeededAs NeededAs Needed
Additional Major Course(s)
Durham Tech RequirementNCA&TNCSUUNCCHUNCG
Additional college level course(s) to complete the 15 SHC requirement.CHM 151
MAT 152
CHM 151
MAT 152
MAT 285
CHM 151
MAT 285
CHM 151
CHM 152
CSC 151
MAT 285

Guaranteed Admissions Pathways

Durham Tech has partnered with several universities to develop guaranteed admissions pathways for a seamless transition into their baccalaureate programs for eligible students who complete a Durham Tech university transfer degree (AA, AS, AFA, and AE). Students must apply for acceptance into these programs.

View more information about Guaranteed Admissions Pathways and the list of universities. 

Suggested Paths

Short Term

(12 months or less)

Long Term

(More than 12 months)